by benny
(atwater,ca U.S.A.)

hes avery rambunctious biter...Will he always bite and be so wild or will he calm down...sssssssssssssSOMEONE please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sep 04, 2013
"I (Benny) didn't teach him that" NEW
by: Angel

Aladan will play as roughly as you play with him.Re-enforcing him with fun play when it suit you yet stern scolding when you are no longer in the mood to rough- house with him is unfair and shows poor teaching skills on your part. repeated verbal scolding and shouting over & over until he wets himself and tears in his eyes( yes tears im his eyes) only accomplishes breakimg the pups spirit as you seen.So drop with this foolishness. Aladden is my raindear chi and you have been removed from his life long ago.. He's 7 months now, well adjusted and still rambunctious as a puppy should be with the correct teaching skills & guidence he is thriving.

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