Cereals in Canine Nutrition: Pick the Most Digestible

chihuahua dog food

Rice and oatmeal are the most digestible cereals, both in human and canine nutrition. It means that their most part (rice -67%, oatmeal -59%) is absorbed during the digestion process. They are very desirable ingredients in your chi’s kibbles. Your chi is also going to feel full fast, and for a longer period of time than with less nutritive cereal, giving him more energy to run around and concentrate on the tricks you are trying to teach him. Whole wheat (54%) is not a bad choice in regular canine food, but when you have such a small dog you’d rather feed him rice or oatmeal.

Corn and sorghum (corn-looking cereal used to feed livestock) are not recommended, as their digestibility is rather poor ( 52-47%) and they will most likely cause gases, bloating, odors and excessive pooping. I recommend avoiding these cereals in your chihuahua food; as the smallest dogs cannot store a lot of energy, they need to eat a better sustaining food.

A few new brands are coming up with grain-free or hyper-protein products. I am not yet an expert on those topics, however I am quite convinced that Chihuahuas are not good candidates for a hyper-protein diet, as their calorie requirements are much lower than a large breed high energy dog.

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