Chihuahua Blue: Meet Guizmo!

Meet Guizmo, a beautiful little chihuahua blue male. A rare but simple genetic combination exists on a specific location on Guizmo's genome. The gene that is on the D location is responsible for the dilution of Guizmo's color. If any or both of the two genes provided by Guizmo's mother and father were a dominant D (D = not diluted color type), Guizmo would have been born black. But in some rare occasions, both parents pass on the recessive gene d (diluted color type) which dilutes the black color into a silverish, blue color.

chihuahuas blue and fawn

In order to produce a blue puppy, breeders must breed a dam and bitch that both have at least one recessive gene d, and both must pass on that gene for the puppy to have a dd combination in its genome. With a dd combination, a puppy that should be born black (or brown) will be born blue (or isabella).

Since blue is a fairly rare color, a blue teacup chihuahua can sell for a few thousand dollars. And theoretically, breeding two blue will most likely yield to blue puppies. However, the gene combination responsible for the blue color can sometimes cause health problems such as skin inflammation and hair loss. Beware! Any responsible breeder will never breed two blue chihuahuas together for the sake of a healthy litter.

Guizmo the chihuahua blue blue and white chihuahua

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