Chihuahua Dog Food's Best Fats for a Healthy Life

sunflower oil

While comparing labels to find the perfect chihuahua dog food, it is not uncommon to see different sources of fat in any ingredient panel. They bring in different levels of omega-3, omega-6 and linoleic acid, which help promote healthy skin, shiny coat, and overall health.

Sunflower oil (omega-6) is the highest source of linoleic acid and is found in most high quality foods. A high percentage of linoleic acid (3% and up) will generally result in a shiny coat, soft to the touch and reduced shedding.Fish oil is (omega-3) very healthy as well, and is a great source of DHA, which is essential for central nervous system development, good vision and sense of smell. DHA helps improve learning ability and cognitive functions. It may also impact positively the temperament and memory of your Chihuahua. Not a bad thing! You definitely want these types of fat in your chi's food.

Chicken fat is used mainly for its great taste and for natural preservation of the food (when mixed with tocopherols). Poultry fat is the fat of any / every farm bird combined, thus the inability to describe the exact source of fat makes it a lower quality fat.

According to experts, animal fat is not considered a desirable source of fat in any dog food.

Other excellent sources of fat may be combined in the recipe, such as soybean oil, flaxseed oil (omega-3), and avocado, that will contribute to a healthy skin and coat and promote overall well-being.

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