Chihuahua Food : the Good, the Bad, and the Truth

Not all chihuahua food are created equal.

The dog food industry is massive and very competitive. There is a product for every dog need, and we find more needs for every product. Good news is that quality and safety standards are better than ever. Bad news is you may spend more time reading your chi’s bag of food than your own.

Here are the basics on the main ingredients you should be looking at in your chihuahua dog food. Click on each link to read more and it will open in a new window

There are many excellent brands of adult and chihuahua puppy food out there. How to know if a specific food is a good fit with your chichi? Look for the following:

  • Your chihuahua dog food must sustain him for a few hours; if your chichi is constantly hungry, his food may be too low quality
  • Your chihuahua's stool volume should be small and compact, easy to pick up; if your dog regularly has diarrhea or very soft stool, or if he has frequent gases, you may want to look for a better suiting food brand
  • Your little dog's skin an coat should look healthy; a chihuahua dog food with the proper fats will reduce dandruff and shedding, and will increase the silkiness of his coat
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