by JS



I have have a Deer named Juno, he is AMAZING, he is so mellow, only snips at the vet tech, the poor woman, the only person I've seen him try to bite. He loves to sit in the sun with me, likes to spend time in front of the fire or tv. He only gets excited when someone goes to the front door. He's just turned 13 and you'd never know it, but he's on a very strict diet because we are trying to make sure he has no kidney problems. He has little accidents when he's excited or fear pees, besides that, for 13 he's doing damned well! He's 10lbs, and not a pound overweight, the vet said he was perfect, he only has issues with his teeth which I brush 3x a week - what I do with him is nothing.. truly, after all the love he gives me! I'm pretty grateful, he's brought me through some pretty tough times, I have an illness and I swear he let's me know before I get a bad attack and cuddles me when it gets bad.. and he can calm the crankiest person, it's amazing to see. He's a ball of love and a gift.

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