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deer chihuahua

Tell us about your chi! As this little guy on the picture shows, deer chihuahuas are a little different than the chihuahuas you see at dog shows. They may be purebred, but their body and head shapes are too far from the AKC standards to be even accepted in a show ring. The AKC standard portrays what we call an apple head.

Deer chihuahuas look like little foxes. Their body is longer and leaner than their applehead counterpart. The legs are proportional with the body length with an overall bigger size, resulting in a sturdier little dog that is usually less prone to health problems.

apple head blue chihuahua puppy

Rare color deer head chihuahua

Obviously, the deer and apple head chihua- huas differ mainly by their head shape. It's interesting to notice that, whereas the applehead ears are positioned on the head sides and the eyes bulge in the center of the face (left picture), the deer head has her ears right on top of the head, and the eyes positioned more discretely on the sides (right picture).

The apple head may also have a soft spot on her head, called a molera. Many baby chihuahuas, like human babies, have a very soft spot (fontanel) on their skull to facilitate the emergence of their rather large head when they are born. Often, the puppies will see their molera close at around 4 months old, but about half of them will keep the soft spot on the top of their head throughout their life. A chihuahua with a molera can be perfectly healthy, but her head will be more vulnerable. You need to be careful not to let kids poke her, and even make sure her food and water dishes are low to prevent her from bumping her head against the bowl edge when feeding.

Is My Deer Better than Your Apple?

Deer head and apple head chihuahuas

Some say that the apple and deer chihuahuas also differ in their temperament. Apples would be fierce little dogs, very protective of their beloved owner. They might even have a little possessive temperament that could lead to snapping at strangers. Some say Deers would be more balanced overall, confident and playful with strangers, and shiver less.

Can anyone confirm that? Have you been around both apple and deer head chihuahuas? Please share your experience so we can learn! Or better, why don't you upload your own chi's picture and introduce her to us?

Is my Deer Chi Better Than Your Apple?

Have you noticed a difference in behavior and personality between a deer head and an apple head? Share with us!

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What Other Chi Lovers Have Said

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Zeke, he is the best! 
Zeke is a "deer" head. Very playful, social, and funloving. I have received input from complete strangers, stating they have never seen a more happy or …

dilly is a deer chihuahua i love her color she is a happy dog very friendly some people she does not like she will bark but when she see you she will jump …

Fennec Fox 
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hes avery rambunctious biter...Will he always bite and be so wild or will he calm down...sssssssssssssSOMEONE please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chanel Not rated yet
Chanel it 7 yrs old and I love her beautiful deer face. . . Extremely smart and attentive.

RICO Not rated yet
He is dominant little male who likes to show my maltese shitzu who's boss,she just lets him play with her.he also is very stubborn he will chase her around …

hi my name is darla Not rated yet
we have had 3 chi's over the years and loved them all dearly. our newest chi is 3 yr. old deer head. he is def. more friendly and different from the other …

Overall a Delicate Deer Body, legs and snout, with Apple Head and Eyes Not rated yet
Mini Sushi is a beautiful, delicate and graceful Deer bodied Chi, with a short but fine snout. She is also a Chi with a very pronounced Apple Head and …

I have a brother and sister, same litter. Bear and Bella Not rated yet
Bear is a deerhead chi and he is a pretty good guy, but he can be an ornery little cuss, typical small dog attitude. :) Bella is an applehead and she …

Meet "Marley".... the newest edition to our family! Not rated yet
Marley is the sweetest little boy , and the cutest thing i've ever seen! Of course my children take that trophy as cutest, but Marley ranks right up there …

Little Angel Not rated yet
My Deer Chihuahua is named Jerry. He has been a blessing from above. We had gotten him at two and a half months from a neighbor who at the time could not …

Mimi is my girl Deer Chi :-) Not rated yet
I got Mimi from a family with an Autistic child that was not able to be gentle with her. Mimi is now 6 months old, and was just spayed. She averages …

my deer chihuahua, sybil Not rated yet
i don't have a picture, but the the blonde pup in the basket, i would swear if she was not sitting next to me, was her! She is precious to me and she is …

Princessa and Vinni Not rated yet
Princessa is an apple head Chihuahua,and Vinni is a deer head Chihuahua. Princessa is very possessive over me and only gets along with a selective few …

Oh Dear, Apples and Deer Chi's are Here! Not rated yet
I have had the pleasure of owning two lovely deer-heads in my life, as well as four apples. The two deers were extremely calm and self-possessed. They …

Jelly! (= Not rated yet
Jelly is a deer face chihuahua, she is full of energy NEVER barks, learns fast and loves all dog and people. My mom had an apple face chihuahua and they …

Tank and Harley-both deer Chihuahuas Not rated yet
I currently have one 1 year old deer head chihuahua and one 8 week old.I have had apple head chihuahuas in the past. My deer head chihuahua was very playful,not …

My little Deer Chi! Not rated yet
I have a 4 month Deer head chi & he NEVER barks unless he's playing, he is so friendly towards strangers, when I have guest over he will run straight up …

Dante Not rated yet
I have have a Deer named Juno, he is AMAZING, he is so mellow, only snips at the vet tech, the poor woman, the only person I've seen him try to bite. He …

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I have both an applehead & a deerhead Chihuahua, both one year old, but not brothers. There is a distinct difference in both temperament & size/shape, …

Pancho Villa: Deer Type Chihuahua Not rated yet
Pancho is awesome with kids, doesn't shiver, doesn't snap... he is quite fearless and not neurotic like many of the tiny apple faces are. He's black with …

Takeeyto Not rated yet

TAKEYTO Not rated yet
TAKEYTO....A unique gift frm Mayans...and a special blessings to hav such a loyal, protector, faithfull, loving, trusting, he claims his own adventures, …

His name is Bruno Not rated yet
Bruno is a deer chihuahua, he just turned 6 months old and he is great. I was afraid of getting a chihuahua at first because they are notorious for snapping …

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My experience with a Deer Chi Not rated yet
I came to this site as I rescued a Chihuahua in October, however, he is longer legged than the average Chi and his head is differnt. Someone today asked …

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