Fennec Fox

by maddee

Our Fennec is a deerhead chihuahua. He is about 8 months old and he already has super long legs! We don't have an applehead but we have seen them at the park. The apples seem to be more aggressive in behavior. Fennec has a softer friendlier approach towards other dogs and humans. We have a dachshund also who seemed to calm him down. Apples seem skiddish and territorial while deers are more gentle and curious.

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Nov 17, 2012
Our Mini Sushi Applehead w/a Deerhead body
by: Anonymous

Our beautiful Mini Sushi was adopted when she was almost 6 months old. She is extremely loyal and very gentle and friendly. Although she has a very pronounced Apple head with large ears set to the side of her head she has delicate little feet, long legs and a small longish body like a little fox. She is now almost eight months old and weighs about 3 lbs or a little less. Is she a mix between an Apple head and a Deer head? I can not find an answer to this and am very curious?

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