hi my name is darla

by darla kenney
(batesvile arkansas)

we have had 3 chi's over the years and loved them all dearly. our newest chi is 3 yr. old deer head. he is def. more friendly and different from the other 2 we have had in the past. he doesn't mind going outside in the winter or a mild rain. our apple heads didn't want to go out hardly at all. he has never met a stranger and always polite and friendly to others. he also loves to run and play with other people and dogs which our apples didn't. he has only dirtied in the house 1 time since he was 11 weeks old and he went into the bathroom and left his biz on the bathmat. I don't think our apples were ever completely house trained, not because the didn't know better, they did, they just didn't like certain types of weather and would sneak off in the house and poop or pee.we loved and we miss our apples very much but, this deer head seems to be more proud, playful, and tougher than the apples.
nice web site.
Darla kenney

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