Chihuahua Facts and Fun Things to Do

Can't hide it: you are a chihuahua compulsive lover. How do we know?

Your teacup has more blanket space on your couch than you. Your voice tone rises one octave when you talk to her. You forgive anything when you see her puppy eyes. You let her sit on your lap everywhere you are, and I mean everywhere...

Then you will enjoy what you will find here. Hopefully it will help better your relationship with your miniature dog! You may also find our training tips and techniques to be a life saver, or at least another step to a much more enjoyable with your little monster. And you should proudly upload pictures of your own, and share with us.

And we mean it, share with us! If you have a story about your chi that is worthy of a page on this site, we'll put it up! If you cannot find your dog's color history or your specific chi mix on this site, please send us a description!

We are hoping you'll love our site, which is still expanding, and that you'll visit our chihuahua clothes store to find high quality apparel and accessories (including carriers, leashes, jewely and haircare products.

Our little dogs are big hearts on tiny paws. They are warmth-seeking, human-loving, loyal and devoted pets for up to 16 years. They are the smallest breed of dogs in the world, but they are bold and fearless. They have the biggest brain-to-body ratio of all dog breeds and they are quick learners. Give them what they need and they'll give you unconditional love.

chihuahua and little boy

This site is designed so you can be entertained while attaining a higher level of knowledge on the race in general, and specifically how to appreciate life better with your little companion.

Chihuahua Care in 10 Steps
Useful dog chihuahua care tips on vaccines, grooming, food, exercise, training, health and breeding for chihuahuas. Learn it all in 10 minutes.
The Amazing Teacup Chihuahua
The teacup chihuahua is the uttermost delicate companion, a fragile portable pet who needs special attention.
Chihuahua Breeds & Varieties
The classical chihuahua breeds have evolved over the last century to please the human eye and his desire to own a unique pet.
Chihuahua Training : a Simple Success
Leadership works magic in chihuahua training. Make yourself proud of your well-behaved dog.
Chihuahua Rescue: Flying in Style to a New Home in NYC
Virgin America launched "Operation Chihuahua Rescue" in January 2010 to fly abandoned chihuahuas to New York City
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