Little Angel

by Oscar Sanchez
(Phoenix, Arizona)

My Deer Chihuahua is named Jerry. He has been a blessing from above. We had gotten him at two and a half months from a neighbor who at the time could not handle the responsibilty of raising a dog. So he ended up in our home and at the perfect time, because my Grandmother and I had just lost Grandfather and we were going through a tough time. This little rascal has brung a lot of joy and laughter in our lives. He is very lovable, very active, very inteligent, nice to everyone he meets and he rarely barks(Barks right in my ear if I ignore him). He loves dogs of all sizes (only if they play nice if not he turns into a lion) I want a female Deer Chi to keep him company while I am gone for the day and to breed him so that others may enjoy this wonderful creature. This dog is perfect for people who have lost some one especially older people who are alone. He is always at our side and sleeps curled up right next to me or Grandma. We love our little "fox", "coyote", "little deer" or "little angel" (just four things Grandma usually likens him to) if the Lord would'nt of brung him into our home Grandma and I would still be sad people. We love appleheads but they tend to be way more problematic and besides, all the girls say my little buddy is a very handsome little guy...

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