Are long haired chihuahuas your type?

Long haired chihuahua

What do long haired chihuahuas have in common with short haired chihuahuas? Everything, except for the length of their hair! As a matter of fact, the Canadian Kennel Club does not differentiate between long and short haired chihuahuas. Only the American and the UK Kennel clubs recognize them as two varieties of the same breed.

The gene responsible for a long coat is recessive. As such, both parents must have the recessive gene "l" and must pass it on in order to have a long haired puppy. If one parent passes on the dominant "L" short-coat gene, the puppy will have a short coat (smooth coat). But two long haired parents will always have long haired puppies. It is also believed that short haired chihuahuas have been bred with other long hair toy dog breeds, such as Papillon, Pekingese, Yorkie or Pomeranian to create the new variety.

Long haired chihuahua

It takes about 2 years for a chi's coat to grow to its full length. The good news is that long haired chihuahuas shed much less than we would expect, and some owners find they shed less than their smooth coat counterpart. Also, they are very easy maintenance, requiring only a quick brushing every few days. But make sure that basic grooming does happen at least once a week, as fine hair can become knotted or tangled very easily. More on chihuahua care.

The chihuahua's very soft and fine hair is overlaid on a downy undercoat that can help keep warm. This variety can be a little more tolerant to the cold than the shorter coat variety, but any chi will need to dress up to go out in chilly temperatures.

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