Mimi is my girl Deer Chi :-)

by Julie
(Oklahoma City, Ok)

Mimi Milly Squeakers

Mimi Milly Squeakers

Mimi Milly Squeakers snoozing

I got Mimi from a family with an Autistic child that was not able to be gentle with her. Mimi is now 6 months old, and was just spayed. She averages 4.3-4.5 lbs.

She loves to wear the cut off sleeves from my old long sleeve tshirts or sweatshirts.
She LOVES L-O-V-E-S to play fetch. She loves to ride in the car. I made a center console bed for her, so she can sit up and look out.

I was never a dog person, until I took her in to find a home for her....it was the right thing and she and I are two peas in a pod.

I have Never been around Chi apple or deer. All I know is that she makes me laugh, snuggles when I need it. And is always happy to see me.


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