Mini Chihuahua Pampering and Lavish Attentions

We're all in for pampering our mini chihuahuas! Here are some of the best ways to treat them real good.

Chihuahua clothes

Dressing up your chihuahua is a fun way to bond with your chi while showing personality. It is first and foremost necessary to keep her warm and comfortable in a chilly environment, as mini chihuahuas have little hair and their body heat dissipates quickly.

Aside from the regular wool sweater, there are now amazing winter jackets and parkas on the market that will make heads turn while keeping her warm on a cold winter day. Hoodies are also very popular, and chihuahua pajamas will be delightful for watching TV on a chilly Sunday morning.

You can build a complete wardrobe for your chi, including evening gowns, bathing suits, jeans overalls, or just cute t-shirts. Visit our store now to shop, or read more about chihuahua clothes (coming soon) do's and don'ts.

Mini Chihuahua To Go

Carry your chihuahua in style with a fashion carrier that will fit in your purse collection. The perfect dog carrier will be big enough for your chi to stand and turn around in it, with a hard, cushioned bottom that will ensure comfort and stability. Make sure the whole bag's shell is not too soft, as you want protection from falling objects. Your chi is vulnerable and totally dependent on you when she's in the bag so she should not be unattended.

Big no-no for chihuahua carrier

Some hard-shell bags open from the side, and will be the perfect place to go for a quiet moment when you are visiting friends.

Run away from harness-type bags where your mini chihuahua's legs are hanging down. Neither those with a handle on the top, nor the ones you strap onto yourself, provide any kind of support for your dog. It's the equivalent of holding a baby without holding his head. They also give a false sense of protection, as your tiny dog will not be able to defend herself or run away from a big dog trying to get to her. Her vulnerability may also lead to over-protectiveness or aggressiveness.

Shop for the perfect bag at our store. Please remember that a mini chihuahua does not get her daily exercise when picked up and carried everywhere. Make sure she gets enough exercise before she gets her free tour in your designer bag!

Chihuahua cocooning: Comfort at Home

Cocooning with your mini chihuahua is the most relaxing thing to do on a chilly Sunday morning. A nice body rub will activate your chi's circulation and please her senses, and provide a strong bonding activity for both of you. Take advantage of that moment to brush her and do some basic grooming, while mixing in snuggling and massages. Your chi will learn to love those grooming moments as they will mean lots of love and affection.

You may add a little fun by dressing her up in a cute chihuahua pajama or a bathrobe. Let her jump on the couch with you, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, and savour the moment. You also want to provide the most comfortable bedding for her crate, to ensure she is cozy and warm at all times. A couple soft, plush blankets will do. What's the ultimate comfort item for your chi when you are away? Wear an old t-shirt for a day and put in in her crate when you leave. Your scent will provide safety and comfort for her to fall asleep when alone.

Play Time!

Mini chihuahuas are very energetic and playful little creatures. The best mini chihuahua toys include small plush squeaky toys, a bouncing ball small enough for grabbing but not enough for choking, a teddy bear almost her size, and a couple rawhides to chew on. Some people will use old socks knotted together, but then you have to make sure your chi understands not to chew on your own socks.

Chihuahua playing

You can quickly teach your chi to fetch a ball by giving her a treat (or praise) every time she grabs the ball and moves towards you. Then put it back on the floor and wait till she picks it up again. After a few times, she will become very interested in the ball and will even go get it when you throw it further. Treat her again when she comes back with the ball and soon that will become her favorite game. Fetching the ball is a excellent sprinting exercise and is a very healthy activity for your chi.

Your mini chihuahua needs at least an hour of daily exercise and play. Otherwise, she may get bored and find more destructive ways to evacuate her extra energy. Exercise and play also strengthen muscles and joints and prevent a weight gain that can be dangerous for your chi's health.

Organize a Mini chihuahua tea cup party!

Mini chihuahua meet ups are great opportunities to socialize your pooch and make new friends. It is much safer to have your chi play with other dogs her size, and she will enjoy the company of her peers. You can organize a private party in your backyard, or plan a meet up in a quiet park. Make sure to bring a few water bowls and plenty of poop bags.

Some people like to cook their own dog biscuits and will be happy to provide a tasty snack to the pack. However, make sure you tell your guests to ask before giving a treat to other chis, as some of them may have allergies. While you're at it, why not bring so human snacks and have a pick nick?

You can find meet ups in your area on or make new friends within our growing community (coming soon).

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