A Nasty Miniature Teacup Chihuahua:
when Princess Becomes Ruthless

As much as we love them, miniature teacup chihuahuas are famous for their fierce attitude and their annoying nipping and yapping. And there's a reason for that. Toy dogs are subject to being poked, grabbed, and scooped up by everyone - and many people don't think to ask first.

This intrusiveness may be perceived as aggression and may create a fearful, nervous dog that will bite in response to a perceived threat. Heavy socialization will make a difference in getting your dog accustomed to various situations of people coming their way. Unfortunately, we, tea cup owners, have to admit our responsibility for their poor behavior: we accept, we excuse, we palliate, and we justify. We accept the occasional pooping on the carpet because it is so tiny it doesn't really bother us to pick it up. We palliate to their little legs by carrying them everywhere. We justify their barking at people because poor-little-thing got scared once.

Humanization of our miniature teacup chihuahua can quickly go too far. We basically forget that our little pooch is a canine animal and as a result we ignore their natural canine needs and behaviors.

The best pocket pup is the one who has learned how to behave as a real dog. As we would train a big dog not jump on people, we would not tolerate our labrador growling at our friends. Why would we accept that same behavior from a 3-pounder?

Over-spoiling and under-training a teacup chihuahua is the quickest way to creating an aggressive, anti-social dog, because we reinforce their unwanted behavior. If we comfort and baby-talk our insecure teacup in front of a visitor, she will learn that insecurity, and eventually growling, are wanted and rewarded behaviors.

If you intend to take your tea cup around, socialize her as early as possible. Make sure you learn the basics of chihuahua training and your chihuahua will be welcome everywhere you go!

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