My experience with a Deer Chi

by Shelley

I came to this site as I rescued a Chihuahua in October, however, he is longer legged than the average Chi and his head is differnt. Someone today asked me if he was a 'deer' Chi. I had not heard that term before so came on line to see. Well, I am 100% sure my guy is indeed a Chi and also a Deerhead.

We LOVE him. He is super sweet, great with everyone, loves people, loves other dogs, he plays really, really well with my german shepherds. He seems quite sturdy but we always still supervise him with the other dogs. He can sure hold his own though with them!! He is super agile and jumps and runs like the wind. He shakes a wee bit but significantly less than the applehead Chi's I have met and seen. People also comment that he is not 'typical' like other Chi's.

I have said right from the beginnig that this guy is so well balanced in temperament (I breed working german shepherds so know a LOT about temperament). I also train herding dogs for working stock, so have worked many, many different breeds of dogs.

My guy is great with people, strangers, new, etc. We visit with people with disabiities often (I also have 2 ladies that live with me) and he is so good. I took him into the hospital yesterday as one of my ladies was getting an MRI and she was nervous. She said, she would feel better if Quil could come I brought him with us. He did wonderful. He makes a wonderful therapy dog! People are drawn to him due to his color, temperament and 'type'.

He is also super, super sweet!! Loves to cuddle. Hardly ever barks.

I will say, Quil is full of mischief!!! He loves to play, and gets into

We love him dearly and are so thankful we rescued him!!


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