Oh Dear, Apples and Deer Chi's are Here!

by Jaye

Petunia being mellow

Petunia being mellow

Petunia being mellow Daisy curled up

I have had the pleasure of owning two lovely deer-heads in my life, as well as four apples. The two deers were extremely calm and self-possessed. They enjoyed being fawned over by mesmerized humans. They had an almost human intensity to them, as well as a human-like gaze. You often felt a spooky sense that a human soul was in there, sizing you up. Both were incredible dogs and are sadly missed, having passed away at ripe old ages.

My apples seem more delicate natured. One was perpetually terrified by most of the world, except his Mama (me.) Three of the four shiver when something upsets them. And my dearly departed Francois (the terrified one) used to lose a lot of hair when frightened. All at once! I'd find a ton of dog hair all over my clothes, although no loss showed on him.

All tend to be frightened of strangers and rather snappish. One, Johnniecake, is friendly when being walked and accosted by humans BUT if you come near his house, he will growl terribly, like he's a big, fierce dog. I have no doubt that he'd bite if someone broke in.

My mother has two deer heads. One is very passive and seems skittish around people and life in general. He's very sweet though. The other, Gidget, is one tough cookie! She almost attacked a jogger one day while I was out walking her, as she slipped out of her collar and made an angry bee-line for him! FORTUNATELY she stopped right as she got up to him and did not bite. The jogger had done nothing to make her become aggressive other than jog. She now takes her sun in my mother's fenced back yard. No more chasing "bad" joggers for her!

Mom also had a Jack-a-huahua (Jack Russell/Chihuahua) who died suddenly. He was a beautiful, pure white deer head with gorgeous brown eyes. He was the happiest fellow and loved to run and jump and play. He loved all people, and Mom was heartbroken when he died. He was 11 but that's not as long of a life as he should have had.

ALL of them are sweet and loving to their human and dog family members. I do feel, however, that Chi's aren't the best dogs, as a general rule, for meeting strangers. They really don't seem to enjoy it.

I wouldn't trade my Chi experience for anything! I love my guys. They are the best companions a person could ever want.

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