Princessa and Vinni

by MedCollegeChick

Princessa is an apple head Chihuahua,and Vinni is a deer head Chihuahua. Princessa is very possessive over me and only gets along with a selective few of my family. Where as Vinni is a cuddle bug and can't wait to play with a new friend. The two get along well and play all the time. However I find Princessa to be more codependent as where Vinni who loves to explore and do his own thing time to time. I never thought I would be Chihuahua owner but I have two loud mouths and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Honestly believe Chihuahuas have a totally different mind compared to other breeds
Personality wise they don't compare. Trust me I should know I have four other dogs (mastiff,lab,bordercollie, rat terrier).

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