by Karem

He is dominant little male who likes to show my maltese shitzu who's boss,she just lets him play with her.he also is very stubborn he will chase her around but if he can't catch her he starts crying and barking telling her to slow down.
He also wants what everyone else has if his eaten and sees you eating something hell straight away look at you and sit until you see him to give him some...but if you don't and he gets impatient waiting for you he'll let you know !he'll bark at you till he gets attention he loves sleeping under the covers and will digg at them until he finds the entrance and then use his nose to open the blanket then he usually moves to sleep like us head on the pillow and his body under the blanket and if his too hot he uses the pillow as a bed.hes now slowly snoring
He's very protective of my room and will bark if he hears noises his not use to he's a great watchdog and friendly with young children although he tends to bite while playing and loves to give your face a whole clean up with his tongue . Love him to bits

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