Taco Bell Dog : Gidget the Famous Chihuahua

taco bell dog

The famous Taco Bell dog Gidget had no plans to become a star when she first appeared on set for the TV commercial...

But how did Gidget even get discovered? Out of a shelter! Hollywood movie animal trainer Sue Chipperton often visits dog rescues and shelters in search for animal candidates for movie projects. On a very special day, what she found instead was love at first sight with a tiny chihuahua puppy. Sue brought the little eight-week old pup home, and they lived together for 15 years.

The chihuahua rescued from a shelter quickly became an ideal companion, following Sue at work on movie sets. However, Gidget the TV star was never carried around in a Prada purse. Instead she was treated like a big dog and had to walk on her own legs. With Sue's great leadership in chihuahua training , she raised Gidget into a very well-behaved toy dog and developed extraordinary aptitudes.

Getting the part of the Taco Bell dog

Gidget was not first cast to play the part of the main Taco Bell dog. She was hired to play his little girlfriend for one or two commercials. However her looks and her attitude on set were so charismatic, that the TV producer decided to switch the roles around and let Gidget become the star. She was presented on TV as a male, because she was portraying the demographic of Taco Bell teenage boy customers. The Taco Bell chihuahua figure became so popular in North America, that a whole promotional campaign was based on her.

Gidget didn't only star in Taco Bell commercial ads. She also got a part in Legally Blonde 2 , were she played Bruiser's mom. The funny part is, like human actors become friends, Gidget and Moonie (who played Bruiser) became good friends and visited each other to play together on their spare time. Actually, you can see how much they really love each other if you watch the scene at the end of the movie. When Bruiser and his mom are reunited, is a real moment when Gidget and Moonie haven't seen each other for a few days!

What about Beverly Hills Chihuahua ? Gidget did some figuration in a scene with 50 other chihuahuas, but you would have more chances of finding Charlie in his books than finding Gidget in that scene. Aging Gidget preferred having a discreet supporting role.

The world's famous Taco Bell dog lived a long and happy life along the sides of her "mommy" trainer. She died at the respectable age of 15, after a massive stroke. She was well and healthy until she passed away, and she will be remember by millions of her fan. Rest in Peace, Gidget.

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