Tea Cup Chihuahua Special Care

The tea cup chihuahua is an extremely small and fragile canine companion. Some basic knowledge and special care is needed to ensure their safety and well being.

Teacup chihuahuas are more prone to dehydration, heat stroke, bone and liver issues, low blood sugar and common injuries, than the sturdier 5-pound dogs. You must be ready for higher maintenance and closer monitoring of your chi, and potential pricey visits to the vet.

Tea cup chihuahuas need to eat at least twice a day. They get better food efficiency with two or three meals a day, and you can sooner detect potential illnesses if they skip a meal. Some will have low blood sugar issues, and you will need to carry a high calorie dietary supplement, such as Nutri-Cal or Karo syrup, in case their blood sugar drops drastically.

Tea Cup chihuahuas do not do well in cold weather. Their tiny bodies have a hard time retaining heat and energy. During winter, they will seek the warmest spots, very close to electrical heaters, and this may cause dry and flaky skin. Make sure you provide them with a food that is rich in linoleic acid (found mainly in sunflower oil) to keep a soft skin and coat. Limit their outings to avoid hypothermia and frostbites, and cover them up with warm tea cup chihuahua clothes or blankets when it's getting chilly inside or outside.

The same is true for overheating A tiny teacup chihuahua's small body has very limited self-cooling capacities, and your chi will rely on you to provide fresh water and shelter from the sun. If during a hot summer day your chi starts breathing rapidly or heavily, shows a bright red mouth and tongue with thick saliva, gray lips and glassy eyes, along with a hot and dry nose, you need to act right away. Other symptoms may include unsteadiness (possibly falling over), vomiting, diarrhea. Take your chi to a shady or air-conditioned place, apply cold compresses to her belly and neck, let her drink drops of water at a time and take her to the vet if things don't get better.

Luxating patella is a common problem of tiny teacup chihuahuas. Their joints and bones are so tiny that the kneecaps pop out of the joint. Although this may not be painful for your chi, the resulting constant rubbing of knee bones against each other may create permanent damage in the long run. You can try preventing deterioration by giving regular doses of glucosamine or collagen to your chi, along with daily exercise. In some cases however expensive surgery will be necessary.

Tiny teacup chihuahuas also more prone to collapsing trachea, which symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, or exhaustion. Their airway cartilages can be fairly weak, so you want to use a harness most of the time, unless you need a collar for training purposes.

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