White Chihuahuas? Hard to Find...

How to find a white chihuahua in the snow? Take out some yummy treats and let him find you!

white chihuahua wearing glasses Even away from the snowbanks, pure white chis are hard to find. As the white gene is a recessive, both parents must carry the "e" gene in their genome and pass it on to the puppy.

E and e refer to the "extension" gene, partly responsible for the presence or absence of red and yellow pigments. In the case of a pure white chi, the "ee" genotype indicates low levels of phelomelanin and the absence of eumelamin. An "EE" or "Ee" genotype will result in a coloured dog, possibly reddish.

white chihuahua taking a bath

Let's take a simple example. If two colored dogs that both carry the recessive "e" gene are bred, there could be some white puppies in the litter. In this case, both recessive genes have been passed on. If one parent does not have the "e" gene, the puppies can not be white. Also, two white chis bred together can produce nothing but white chi puppies.

Are all white dog albinos?

No. A white dog, as opposed to an albino one, has dark pigment around the eye rims and nose, often coupled with dark-coloured eyes. An albino dog will have reddish nose and eyes, and its condition is linked to a "cc" genotype. The inhibition of melanin (absence of any color pigment) will result in a completely white coat, with reddish nose and eyes.

white chihuahuas

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